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If you’ve stumbled across this wiki, you’ve found a pet project of mine, several years in the making. Loranna is campaign setting I use as the world for my own group’s D&D campaigns, but as I finally start to build the information I hope you find a way to adapt it to your own fantasy game, regardless of rules set.

The Meta

Several years ago I, with the help of my family, opened a small comic and game store. On Sundays we would host a D&D campaign for folks interested in playing. To make the game more immersive for my players I created a large (24×36) world map and posted it in the corner of the room. I named all the countries and landmarks for friends and family and each time a new character was created for a D&D game in the shop, I would have the player mark their point of origin on the map while they were telling me their back-story. Everyone who played really got a kick out of this and soon the poster itself became a kind of store landmark. People would bring their friends over to it and show them all the spots that they’d made on the map. When I closed the store I retired that world but immediately began creating a new campaign world. This second world I named for my wife (Laura Anne = Lor-Ann-a) and it’s been the world setting I’ve been using, creating, and changing ever since.


If you like the map and want to use it as a starting point for your own homebrew, I have a free 8.5 × 11 printable file available by request!

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