Dredus: The Collector

The brother between Remis and Rahm is Dredus. The former God of War was cocky and headstrong often challenging foes at the drop of a cap. When the Dark Lord Azerel arose for the cosmic depths and challenged Remis, it was Dredus who stepped in. Sure he could defeat Azerel, Dredus was caught off guard when Azerel’s demons ambushed and imprisoned him.

Azerel then placed an enchanted gauntlet upon the arm of Dredus, making him a his slave. AS his slave, Dredus would be forced to collect souls from our world and bring them to the vile darkness of The Kingdom of Skulls.

While Dredus is unable to break his binds and return to his brothers, he continues to fight against Azerel the best he can. It is said that when someone dies, if their soul is clean or their body claimed by a righteous deity, Dredus won’t collect them, deciding only to collect the souls of the unclaimed and the wicked.


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